Blu-Ray Sale

Customer Review

I got the best price quote from them after full day of research. Their quality was beyond my expectation. David was very professional and I’m definitely coming back for any future projects. We had to drive 50+ miles to pick them up but it was still a lot less than what we would’ve paid elsewhere.

Anthony L.
Fullerton, CA

Why Blu-ray?

  • HD video
  • 1 channels of uncompressed audio
  • Increased interactivity and menu navigation
  • Network/internet connectivity
  • Improved disc coating with increased resistance to scratches and smudges
  • Piracy protection via AACS (replicated Blu-ray discs only)

Duplicated Blu-ray packages include:

  • Duplication onto high quality BD-R 25 GB media
  • Full-color on-disc printing
  • Blu-ray case with full color wrap-around insert
  • Shrink wrap

Blu-ray Duplication: Masters for Blu-ray duplication must be submitted on BD-R (non CMF).

Replicated Blu-ray packages include:

  • Blu-ray Stamper
  • 10-15-days service
  • AACS Licensing (obligatory fee)
  • Blu-ray Single Layer (BD-25) replication
  • Full-color on-disc printing
  • Blu-ray case with full color wrap-around insert
  • Shrink wrap

Blu-ray Replication: Masters for Blu-ray replication must be submitted in Cutting Master Format (BDCMF or Sony CMF) on removable USB 2.0 hard drives formatted for Windows or files should be submitted as BDCMF or Sony CMF image on BD-R. (Playable BD-Rs are not acceptable for Blu-ray replication.)

If you are interested in Blu-ray Dual Layer (BD-50), please call 1-818-727-0200 for a custom quote.

About our Blu-ray manufacturing

The Blu-ray case is the standard retail packaging format for Blu-ray discs. Our Blu-ray case packaging includes shrink wrap and a Blu-ray case with full-color wrap-around insert. All of our Blu-ray packages are printed using only non-toxic, vegetable-based, biodegradable inks for a rich, vibrant look that is unsurpassed in the industry. Speedlight is one of the most respected DVD manufacturing companies around. Feel free to give us a call at 1-818-727-0200 or just Request a Quote online